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Coming in 2013!

December 27, 2012

We are continually working to improve life in the Deseret Region. Here are some of the exciting things to watch for in 2013.

DAG Operation

Get ready to see the Deseret Aid Group operating in your community. The Deseret Aid Group will draw its ranks from local people in your area. They will help to serve and protect your community. There will be four primary areas of operation for the Deseret Aid Group; they are security, fire, medical, and rescue.



In 2013 you will be seeing more and more local community projects develop. There will be more localized power and food production. People will be growing food instead of lawns. You will be able to participate in your neighborhood meetings that will decide how to overcome the problems in your area.


Redesigned Units

handunitssmallThe Deseret Units will be redesigned. There is currently an ongoing design contest. Anyone can submit their designs for the next series of Deseret Units. After this contest is complete and a winning design is selected these new Units will be printed then sold and exchanged for existing Units.


Electronic Payments

bAn online system for using Deseret Units will be implemented. People will be able to log in and manage their Deseret Units. They will be able to buy and sell things online using Units.


Card Payment

credit-card-swipeYou will be able to swipe your Deseret Unit cards at businesses to make payments. These cards will be linked to you online Deseret Units account and will automatically deduct from your account. This will make transacting with Units much easier.


Mobile Access

mobile_bankingYou will be able to use your mobile device to access you Deseret Units account. This will enable you to check your account and make transactions on the go.


Online Marketplace

onlineshopWhen you have a Deseret Units account you will have access to the Online Marketplace. There you will be able to browse items and services for sale throughout the Deseret Region. You will also be able to add your own products or services to the marketplace.



These are just a few of the projects you will see implemented in the year 2013. This is a great way to help improve your community and also our entire region. Get involved today with the Deseret Region and help us build a strong and self sufficient region.


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